The Naked Hello


The good, bad, and the ugly about taking risks in love.

  • The naked first date. He’s stark naked but she’s fully dressed.

  • Kidnapped in Venice! St. George’s real life version of the Angelina Jolie movie.

  • Ménage à trois in a haunted house in Maui. You’ve got to read it to believe it!

  • Things that go bump in the night. To be or not to be a cougar?

  • A lion in the loo? Do you sleep naked? You may change your mind after reading this.

  • Boxers or briefs, or push-up bras and panties? It’s not what you wear! It’s the color that counts if you want to attract love.

St. George’s third book will leave you laughing as you relish tips, tools, and exciting stories about taking risks for love around the world. “Am I romantically doomed?” she once asked. I’ve looked for love in all the wrong places, and had my heart broken so many times. Is it possible to find true love after making such bad choices?

Sounds familiar? This book is for you! Learn what’s good, what’s bad, what’s really ugly in the world of romance and risk taking. Available soon…