Stress and the City

The Power of Risk-Taking to Transform Your Life.

Have you been dumped by your lover, your long-term employer, or given a depressing diagnosis by your doctor? Are you burned-out by the stress of city life? It’s time to take two risks a day and turn your life around.

Before you make any major moves, read these quick risk-taking tips from a British stress-management expert who has worked in dozens of high stress cities and faced dangerous situations all over the world.

This book will take you from burned-out, to bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. Working in the city, whether you are in icy Alaska or sunny Florida doesn’t have to zap all your energy. You CAN take back your power and start over.

Two risks a day will transform your life as you:

  • Create your own miracles and connect with your true purpose.

  • Face your biggest fears and overcome them.

  • Turn your dragon relationships into darlings.

  • Instantly recognize someone you can trust from someone you should avoid like the plague.

  • Turn back the clock with top anti-aging tips.

  • If you’d rather milk a deadly cobra than face another job interview – take the right risks to get hired.

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