Did you know that most heart attacks occur at 8:30 Monday morning?

Job stress costs employers $300 billion annually in US, in absenteeism, low productivity and employee turnover. That’s more than all the net profits of the Fortune 500 companies combined.

Heart attacks used to be a predominantly male issue. With our new world economy – many women have dual roles of breadwinners and mothers – which means double the stress! The American Medical Association admits that most doctors are unaware that heart disease now kills more women than men.

This program is based on St. George’s book Do You Dread Monday Mornings? It is packed with entertaining stories including her personal encounter with Monday morning stress. She was summoned to her CEO’s office at 8:30 Monday morning. Expecting to be “let go” her stress levels skyrocketed as she collapsed with chest pains, heart palpitations and a terrifying panic attack.

St. George’s life-changing experience led her to write and teach Monday morning stress tips and tools world-wide in a lively, entertaining program packed with enthralling stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • Why the Monday morning blues start on Sunday

  • Natural remedies for anxiety & panic attacks

  • Tips and tools to beat the Monday morning blues.

  • Job stress makes us fatter. How to look 10 lbs thinner on Mondays

  • How to be in the top 10% and achieve your goals and dreams. (90% of us do not do this).

  • How to touch lives of 10,000 people in 3 minutes a day.