Suzanne St. George is a British author, speaker and stress management expert. She has worked with well-known sports stars, corporate leaders, and two heads of state, in 11 countries world-wide. Suzanne brings balance, stress reduction and rejuvenation to her client’s minds, bodies and emotions. Her extensive training in holistic therapies and natural remedies ensures a haute healing, or optimum outcome to every session.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage – is a soothing and gentle body massage that detoxifies the lymphatic system. Lymphatic drainage has been used by European royal families for decades for rejuvenation and increased longevity. Lymphatic drainage is called the fountain of youth treatment by European health experts as it reduces stress-related inflammation in the face and body.

Manual lymphatic drainage is frequently recommended by plastic surgeons, pre- and post- surgery to speed up the healing process with minimal scarring. Patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation are often prescribed lymphatic drainage to boost the immune system and restore energy naturally.

Ionic Detoxifying Foot Baths.

Did you know that we are exposed to over 80,000 chemicals and pollutants in America? Did you know that many of the chemicals in our food and personal care products are illegal in Europe and Canada? It’s estimated that Americans have 700 of these toxins in our bodies. This is horrifyingly called our body burden. Once our body burden reaches overload, we get sicker quicker and age prematurely.

Ionic foot baths draw toxins from the feet with harmless activators. As a skeptic, St. George was astonished at the amount of toxins she released after years living in polluted cities around the world. Many of St. George’s clients in recovery from addictions and chronic health conditions found their energy levels increased and their cravings were dramatically reduced with the use of ionic foot baths and lymphatic drainage.

Foot Reflexology accelerates the cleansing process following a foot bath or lymphatic therapy. The foot has reflex zones that can reduce pain and recharge every organ in the body. It’s a fabulous way to relax and de-tox without removing your clothes. Read Foot Reflexology success stories in St. George’s book Do You Dread Monday Mornings?

Recovery & Health Coaching

We are all recovering from something! Whether it’s the loss of a loved one, loss of a job, or money, or the loss of our health. The outcome can range from fear and anxiety to depression, panic attacks, and addiction.

Many of us find comfort in food and other substance to soothe our emotional pain. Sadly, all too often this ends up as an addiction and less than 20% will be successful in maintaining recovery. Recovery coaching explores the latest treatments and healing therapies while giving compassionate support to sustain a long-term recovery.

St. George battled a life-threatening emotional eating disorder when her marriage disintegrated. With the support of a recovery coach and the holistic therapies she now offers: – lymphatic drainage, foot reflexology, and natural remedies for stress, food addiction and fear, she made a complete recovery and now helps others with similar challenges.

Life Coaching

Did you know that only 10% of us will achieve our lifetime goals and dreams? What differentiates those who succeed, despite the odds, and those who don’t? Surprisingly, it depends much less on learned skills and more on the motivating and sustaining support of a life coach! “My career was completely transformed by my life coach,” says St. George. “He kept me on track when I wanted to quit and stuck by me when others said I’d never succeed.”

St. George’s life coaching gives practical tips and tools to help you stay on track and accomplish your goals, despite life’s constant challenges and distractions.