Are you ready to be more adventurous and courageous? Are you starting a new business, starting a new health and weight loss program, of starting over after your children have grown?

Welcome to an exciting new era of your life.

The courage and adventure skills in this program are based on Suzanne’s St. George’s second book, Stress and the City. Suzanne left an unhappy marriage to recover from her emotional eating disorder and find a sense of purpose for her life.

After years of being told she wasn’t good enough, thin enough, or smart enough, she overcame her fears, worked in 11 countries, and wrote three books.

Suzanne’s lively British humor brings her adventure stories to life and will have you laughing throughout her program. Her enthralling escapades will keep you on the edge of your seat and will inspire you to have more adventures in your own life.

Best of all you will learn the stress-coping skills Suzanne wished she had known before she was in the depths of the African jungle, the deserts of the Middle East, and the rainforests of Central America.