About The Author

Suzanne is affectionately known as “Magic Hands” by her clients all around the world. As a British stress management expert, holistic therapist, and life coach, Suzanne travels internationally to give healing therapies, teach workshops and coach her clients in stress management skills. She has worked in Europe, Africa, North and Central America, India, the Caribbean and the Middle East.

Five years ago, when the man she was dating died from a Monday morning heart attack; Suzanne took some time to heal herself. “How is it that we can put a man on the moon, fly at supersonic speeds and yet we still haven’t learned how to manage our stress?” she asked her mentor, an eminent British psychologist.

I want you to see this time as a gift. The world has been waiting for you to heal with your words, as well as your hands,” he replied. Five years later with two books published; Suzanne is busy writing her third.

All of us will face losses in our lives; whether it’s the loss of a job, loss of money, or the loss of people we love,” Suzanne says. “When bad things happen to us, we can be stuck with those bad feelings for months, years, and sometimes the rest of our lives. We can’t move on, or make positive changes when we are chronically stressed over what has happened in the past, or constantly worrying about what might happen in the future.”

Suzanne’s favorite things are Hawaii, boating, strolling on the beach at sunset, art galleries, street cafés in Paris, and cooking delicious healthy dinners for her friends. Next year she plans to fulfill a life-long dream and visit Australia to search for her relatives who emigrated from England years ago.